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CapriGem Nigerian Dwarfs

Registered Dairy Goats in PA

CapriGem's Pet Page

Rainbow, early Spring at CapriGem Farm 

Kitty Korner

Meet Savage!

He is a very good farm kitty. He was rescued from a box left at a local feed mill. He was too young to be away from his momma, but did well on kitten food softened with fresh goat milk. He is a very healthy and active young kitty! He plays with the goats and even sleeps with them. He was even seen with a mouse already.

Savage on his favorite perch, the goat's slide, in the doe pen.

Doggy Den

Here is a special place for the pooches in my life.

House Dogs: 1 Australian Shepherd mix, 1 Basenji mix & 1 pampered Papillon

Mica surveying from his favorite spot the tippy top railing of the "dog porch".

Mica is blue merle Catahoula mix. He is a daddy's boy and can be found laying next to Joe most of the time.

He enjoys romping with his buddy Paco and barking at the UPS truck.

Paco is a Basenji mix. He is 14 years old and is a rescue from the Venango County Humane Society shelter. He loves car rides, walks, and cuddling on the couch.

His arch enemies are buzzing flying insects of any kind. He tries to eat them....not good.

He also ejoys playing with his buddy Mica and barking at any UPS trucks that wander too close.

This is MoMo, she is a rescued Papillon. She loves being on a warm lap. She is buddies with Mica and Paco. She has claimed that chair as her favorite place to nap. 

She is a watch dog in a toy dog body!

When relaxed her pink tongue sticks out a little... see?!

Working dog: Maremma/ Pyrenees


 She is grinning because she loves her new goat friends!

Thank you Kathy of Maplewood Hill Top for this top notch girl! 

She dug a depression under the goat slide to keep cool on the hot days.

She likes being with the goats!

She is in training, and may be until she is 2 years old. She is happier being outside, not enough fresh air or sunshine inside the house for her tastes!

 She is doing great with the grown Nigerian Dwarf does, but is still learning that even though the babies will run, she shouldn't play with them. She is too rough on them, imagine how those teeny needle-sharp puppy teeth feel on a little goat leg, Ouch.

She is doing great as a beginner and I expect through patience and training she will make an excellent guardian.


 Update: Ava is growing into a nice Livestock Guardian Dog.

She still needs a few reminders to take it easy on the younger goats, because she gets overly excited sometimes. Overall she is doing well and enjoys her job.